I recently started a new blog, fullysaturated. The goal is to entertain and educate my subscribers with the joys and what interests me in the world of design primarily focusing on the use of colour.

I have always loved colour. From Monet’s paintings to the Vivid Festival held in Sydney, from a sunset to the refractions off glass, I could go on forever. Great use of colour whether man made or by nature is my passion and with this new blog I hope to show you a piece of my mind.

The name “fullysaturated” refers to 100% saturation of colour (found in any designing software), the complete saturation of the blogging and social media marketplace and my attempts in bringing something new, if not to your lives then at least to mine.

You can find fullysaturated
Blog: fullysaturated.wordpress.com
Twitter: @fullysaturated
Instagram: @fullysaturated

Hope you enjoy 😀


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