Finally my website has a video background!

I know it’s ironic that I praise SquareSpace on a WordPress blog, but finally they have answered my website prayers.

How did I find this out? Well I’m sure I received their newsletter updating subscribers that this new feature of video backgrounds is available, but myself, like many other internet users around the world, did not bother reading it. It is probably still still unread in my junk mail waiting to be recognised. I found this feature when I thought my website needed something more on the home page. I decided to keep my background image but turn it into an animated gif (shown bellow). Shark fin gliding through the water for mystery and myself on a life ring for humour.


When it came time to upload the gif I noticed that there was a new feature in the banners section. OMFG! It says video!

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 6.18.19 PM.png

And what’s cool is there is a bunch of filter options like Blur, Contrast, Sepia etc. as well as you can control the speed of the video. Unfortunately the video feature does not work on mobile (yet), instead you can put an image, or……. THE GIF I MADE 😀 So all my hard work making that animation was not for nothing and I got my video background.

“WINNING” – Charlie Sheen

To check out my website and it’s new funky moving backgrounds click here.


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