Music Monday – The Xx “I See You”

I love how minimal the album artwork is. I’ve seen this piece advertised in the London tube reflecting abstractly blurred figures of passing commuters. It caught my eye immediately and it was no surprise to me it belonged to the ever popular British indie pop group The Xx. The large X has been the centre piece of their album art and their branding which has made the group visually as recognisable to their fans as The Rolling Stones‘ tongue or Prince‘s symbol.xk9nmniThe Xx has been labeled as an atmospheric indie pop band and I believe that their creative use of the “X” as a graphic window to another world reflects the feelings of their music. You can just as easy listen to the Xx relaxing on a beach as you can weaving through traffic on a super bike going 100 (I do not condone speeding, but you do you).

I give this album art a 9/10. For me it ticks pretty much all the boxes an album artwork should tick. It “reflects” the band, the music in the album and finally graphically interesting and engaging. Keep up the good work The Xx.


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