Nature photography is one of my greatest passions

I know this is meant to be a graphic design blog but I really want to share with you my passion, which unfortunately I do not get to do much, nature photography. I LOVE IT!

I generally shoot with a Nikon D3100 with a Tamron SP 70-300mm F/4-5.6 lens.


It’s a pretty entry level set up but I am so happy with the shots I get. Sure it could have a faster shoot rate or great depth of field or ISO capabilities, but it’s what I got and I think I do well considering.


In 2013 my family and I went to South Africa and Zambia for a wedding and a family holiday. This where my passion for nature photography began. Wild animals are everywhere, danger and opportunity around every corner or shrub. We saw monkeys, giraffa and zebras outside our bedroom doors in Zambia and journeys through the Kruger National Park in South Africa where we seriously saw everything we could image. The most heart warming moment of the trip was sitting on the hood of the Jeep, driving through the plains, with the sunrising, the antelope grazing and elephants marching, and there is me with my headphones on listening in full blast The Lion King’s Circle of Life. It felt surreal. Anyways enough blabbing here are some of my favourite photos I took from that trip.

Richmond Park, London UK

Between Africa to now I haven’t feed my passion for nature photography as much as I would like to. Although Australia is full of opportunities, life got in the way and I never took advantage. When I moved to London everyone told me about the beauty of Richmond park and it is a must do. I waited till Autumn when the trees are changing colour and it hasn’t dropped into the minus temperatures yet. Totally worth it. Everywhere I looked was deer, squirrel and the vast beauty of a British Autumn. I did have one hair raising moment when I was taking a photo of what I could tell was the head stag. It was him the “Big Boss”, a few other lesser males, a haram of females and little Bambis. I crawled down on the floor so I was laying on my stomach so I could get a photo looking up at this amazing creature. Big Boss did not like this. The closer I crawled the more agitated he got, but I was desperate for the shot. Eventually I got too closer for his comfort and he whipped around faced me head on, postured it a frighteningly dominant and aggressive stance, and in his native language said to me “Fuck off or I’ll fuck you up”. Fortunately I understood him loud and clear. So I slowly got up with my hands raised like a criminal and backed away till the beast’s head dropped and continued grazing. Did I get the shot? You tell me from the images bellow. What a great day!

Photography is just a passion hobby for me and I also do travel and portrait photos as well. Please like, comment and share to let me know if you enjoyed this post, my photos and want to see more. I love doing this so the more interaction I get the more I’ll produce.


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