My first post

Hello blogging world! My name is Sebastian, you can call me Seb, and I’m a graphic designer living in London. Originally from the sun and surf of Bondi Beach Australia I moved over to London to try out independence and explore a new way of life.

I arrived in London with a 3 years professional working experience at Tomkin Australia and 5 years freelance experience. When applying for jobs I got the same response every time. “Your portfolio is great! BUT, you don’t have any London experience”. That old chestnut. How can they expect me to get “London experience” when I’ve just arrived, and further more how the hell am I going to get that experience if no one is going to take a chance on me. Nether the less I continued, applying online, making calls and hitting up any contacts I could find.

Things were looking grim. I had some money from savings but no leads for work. The idea of working at a pub or Tescos was drawing near. Then finally I got a bite, someone is giving me a chance to prove myself. Thanks to my flat mate Jeremy, who helped me network. It was a small job, a start up events company wanted a logo. 2 Bad Jews. YES! I can do logos! Now I can get some London experience under my belt. From that point on I started getting more and more interest through my networks. Not enough to sustain a lifestyle but enough to pay some of the rent. As well I’m getting that London experience which was then picked up by a Eden Marsh recruitment agency and they were able to put me in an office for a 3 day contract, which was great to get back into the real world for the first time in months.

So I’ve got clients and working but no money is coming in. Why? Because the hoops and hurdles you have to jump through to get a business number and a bank account here is crazy, and you can bring any money in (so I had been told) until everything is set up. FUCKING HELL! It’s took months but finally it was sorted, after many cancellations or just straight up being ignored. Anyways, it’s done.

What’s happening now you might ask? Full time or regular contract work hunting is what I’m up to now. I have one great client, Confetti London, who have been absolutely amazing to me and I owe a big thank you my cousin Michael Berwin (top designer in NYC) for putting me in touch with them as well as some other clients in the pipeline. As well as the OM rugby team for also helping me out with a couple of clients too.

I will be doing case studies on the jobs for these clients once the work is done as well as getting the thumbs up from them.

There are many reasons I’ve started this blog. The main reason is to reengage with the design community, cliche I know, but it’s true. I want to learn, keep up to date and also give back to an industry I love. As well from a business aspect I want to gain exposure to help me find my dream job and possible gain a little extra revenue.

That’s me, Seb, and where I am right now. If you like what you read and are keen to see what the future hold for me then please follow this blog as well you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Linkedin. If you want to hire or employ me, I look forward to hearing from you. Don’t be shy.

All the best to all who are reading this.




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